Video Name Quote Name Start Time Actors in the quote
Let's Play - Destiny: Raid Attempt 2
Power of voodoo 01:25 Gavin, Jack
Lets Play - Call of Duty: Ghosts - Sensitivity Training
Where not to point rockets 4:52
Rooster Teeth Video Podcast #264
[Pun] A-beat it 00:29:58 Barbara
[Pun] Pug Life 0:02:38 Barbara
Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #23
No Friends 2:18 Gavin, Ray
Rooster Teeth Video Podcast #260
Independence Day 1:01:49 Gavin, Barbara, Burnie, Gus
Barbara Pancakes 39:16 Gavin, Barbara, Burnie, Gus
Fragrances 31:49 Gavin, Barbara, Burnie, Gus
Logs don't grow on trees 12:36 Burnie, Gus
Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 93 - Spring Harvest
That was the strangest thing I've ever seen 34:26 Gavin, Geoff, Jack, Ryan
Things To Do in GTA V - Achievement Knievel X
Heli-Jump 18:10 Gavin, Geoff, Jack, Michael, Ray, Ryan
Bad place to be a camera man 4:50 Gavin, Michael
Things to do in GTA V - Achievement Knievel
Plane Jump 13:10 Gavin, Geoff, Jack, Michael, Ray, Ryan
Epic Jump 8:42 Gavin, Geoff, Jack, Michael, Ray, Ryan
Rooster Teeth Video Podcast #258
Chronological Nuimbers 1:12:34 Burnie, Gavin, Gus
Rock 36:21 Barbara, Burnie, Gavin, Gus
Absolute Hard 35:10 Gavin, Gus
[Pun] Air-or 04:38 Barbara
Let's Play - GTA V - Downhill Jam
Head protection 21:05 Ray, Ryan
Let's Play - Titanfall Beta Part 1
Petri Dish 25:16 Ryan, Jack, Geoff
Mega gammy 19:54 Gavin
Let's Play - Assassin's Creed 4: Guild of Rogues DLC
3 eyes 12:48 Ryan
Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 90 - Mad King Ryan Part 2
Udder time 48:29 Kerry, Ray
Let's Play - GTA V - Rockstar Verified Part 3
Leave... 27:42 Geoff, Jack, Ray, Ryan
Off the roof Kris Kringle! 22:27 Ryan
Let's Play - GTA IV - Retro Play
Moto Crook 19:18
Let's Play - Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
Team killing 49:14
B is not cover 25:41
Swag 23:56 Gavin, Ray
Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 54 - I Spy
Pull out 42:09 Geoff, Jack, Michael, Ray
Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 37 - Clouds
Flacidous Failure 17:13 Geoff
Jib Butkiss 2:05
Let's Play Trials Evolution
There is now a dick to be sucked 01:02 Geoff